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Some Folks - Carrie Catherine

Carrie Catherine

Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer, presenter, community builder, and crowd funding consultant, Carrie Catherine is a “say yes, and make it happen” force in the universe. She is the star of Somewhere, Saskatchewan—an innovative play with live music-- along with percussionist/soundscape artist Hal Schrenk. The show and her CD of the show’s tunes, called Honeycomb, launched at Dancing Sky Theatre, near Saskatoon, on April 26, 2013. After a brief break to bring son number 2 into the world, Carrie and Somewhere, SK will hit the road fall 2014.

Prior to her leap into theatre, Carrie Catherine was a winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival’s song writing competition, Ms. Chatelaine January 2012, featured on TV, radio and satellite, and Planet S Magazine’s Best Solo Artist and Best Singer 2012.

Honeycomb was co-produced by Catherine and her long-time collaborator percussionist/producer Hal Schrenk. The album was recorded in Carrie’s home—a renovated 1930s grocery store turned home and concert venue. Her previous album Wilderness was produced by Colin Linden (Lucinda Williams, Colin James, Bruce Cockburn) and recorded in Nashville with an impressive team of musicians. Out the Car Window was featured numerous times on television’s Joan of Arcadia and Beautiful People. Venus Envy, produced by John MacArthur Ellis (Jeremy Fisher, Barney Bentall), was named “the best Saskatchewan independent release of 2005” (Gerry Krochak, Regina Leader Post). And Green-Eyed Soul was a rootsy, soulful sounding album with an irresistible groove—created in Toronto with producer/percussionist Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics).


When not on the road, Carrie, with her partner Curtis Olson and house managers Mr. E and Cool Baby Luke, present eclectic house concerts in their home The Hayloft, a renovated grocery store. They work, play and create at The Two Twenty, the hippest work space in the ‘Toon--which they created in 2010.


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Some Folks - Hal Schrenk

Hal Schrenk

Hal Schrenk, drummer, rhythmatist and producer is the sound architect of Somewhere, SK.

Hal Schrenk's music career began one Halloween when he was discovered banging out a groove with two Bic pens on a couple of plastic pumpkins... it wasn't long before his parents enrolled him in the snare drum corps of the local marching band. By the age of eight, he’d won several drumming awards, including “Most Promising Percussionist”. His first professional gig was when, at the age of ten, participating in a Canadian band war earned him a trip to Disneyland.

Having peaked in childhood, Hal has had no choice but to go on excelling. He has gained a reputation as a versatile studio musician and consummate sideman, and has appeared on over a hundred drum and percussion tracks. He has continued his early commitment to alternative percussion, creating rhythm tracks with a variety of household items, including Black & Decker drills, washing machines, rakes, vacuum hoses, cigarette lighters and the ever-popular iron shovel.


An experienced composer, Hal has won numerous awards for music featured in film, video and commercials, including the television series “Party of Five”, “Time of your Life” and “Renegade Press”. His film credits include music for the movie “Apple Jack” and the feature film “Talker” (which won several national and international awards). Festival performances include Lilith Fair, JunoFest, New Music West, Canadian Music Week, the East Coast music Awards, and World EXPO (Shanghai, China) with televised and radio performances too numerous to mention. He has also been featured in several music magazines including "Drums Etc" and his school lecture series “Big Bang International” has received rave reviews.


His award cabinet includes a Juno, a Western Canadian Music Award, three SCMA awards (Drummer of the year) and a Saskatchewan Showcase Award (among others). Hal seems to have an almost pathological urge to push himself to the absolute limit of his abilities, creating an atmosphere of palpable tension that is simultaneously mesmerizing, and just a little scary. As a result, he is constantly on tour with artists such as Codie Prevost (Country), Carrie Catherine (Roots), Aaron Adair (Motown / Neo-Soul), Catherine Lewans (Country), Lois Mullins (Folk), Jannecke (Traditional Country), Karrnnel (Electric Fiddle), Mark DeJong (Jazz), Steve Chivilo (Rock) and the Houndstooth Trio (R&B).


Hal is also a successful and sought after graphic designer. He says you’d be surprised how common the drummer/designer combo is.


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Some Folks - Kelley Jo Burke

Kelley Jo Burke


The writer of Somewhere, SK Kelley Jo Burke is a woman of words. She is an award-winning playwright and poet, a director, storyteller, documentarian, and broadcaster.

Her plays have been produced and published in Canada, and around the world, including “Ducks on the Moon”, "The Selkie Wife", "Jane's Thumb", and "Charming and Rose: True Love", and her most recent radio play for national CBC "Big Ocean", which was heard in 7 countries in 2000.

Kelley Jo directs and produces for stage and radio and hosted for CBC Radio Saskatchewan’s SoundXchange for many years. She has authored and produced a number of documentaries for CBC Radio's IDEAS, and has been a regular contributor to national and regional current affairs shows, including This Morning. She is also a writing teaching, most recently at St. Peter’s College.

Kelley Jo was the 2009 winner of the Saskatchewan Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Leadership in the Arts, and the 2008 Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award for Playwriting. She has won the City of Regina Writing Award three times.

She is also the mother of three, and keeps absolutely dreadful dogs.


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Some Folks - Angus Ferguson

Angus Ferguson

Angus got the theatre bug in 1980 when he got a backstage job at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon. He decided to study drama at the University of Saskatchewan and went on to become a professional actor working at all of the theatres in the province. He got a job running the youth theatre/school tour branch of Persephone Theatre and became fascinated by directing. After three years he moved to Montreal to become one of the youngest artistic directors in the country when he headed Youtheatre.

While in Montreal he met his wonderful wife Louisa. They wanted to create original theatre and live in the country so they decided to move back to Saskatchewan, where there is a very large amount of country. Together they founded Dancing Sky Theatre.

For the past 18 years Angus has directed and designed more than 50 productions at Dancing Sky as well as guest directing at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon. He also loves to teach, which he does regularly at St. Peter’s College and at the University of Saskatchewan. When not in a theatre he is with his beautiful wife, two amazing boys, two crazy dogs and a vegetable garden that is far too big.


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Some Folks - Ley Ward

Ley Ward

Ley Ward  (Sound Design/Technician/Stage Manager) has been involved with Dancing Sky Theatre in various capacities since its inception. The place would basically fall silent and dark without him. He has composed and performed live music for many DST productions, as well as being responsible for sets, sound and light for most productions, and has composed for other theatres around the province. A resident of Meacham, Ley is the owner of EON Music recording studio and record label. Ley established the business with his partner Flo Frank in Meacham in 1995, and since has recorded a number of artists. Ward himself plays many stringed instruments including guitar, bass and mandolin. Ward has also does music and instrument making workshops in schools around Meacham.


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Some Folks - Louisa Ferguson

Louisa Ferguson


In addition to being one of the founders of Dancing Sky Theatre, a sometime actor, director, chef, wardrobe mistress, set designer, and all around wonder woman, Louisa Ferguson is ​a glass artist, whose work is part of the Somewhere, SK set. Her work reflects her approach and attitude towards life: an aim to find beauty in everything, rely on tradition and function, reuse and restore what one can and push the limits of what one knows and does. Her art is also guided by her instincts and intuition. It is a subconscious result of the palette that surrounds her; the environment, interior design, architecture, textiles, media and everyday objects. She has been working in glass since 2007. She apprenticed in Sienna, Italy at Vetrate Artistiche Toscane and in Ludlow, England at Williams and Byrne Studios.


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Some Folks - Charley Farrero

Charley Farrero


Originally from France , Charley Farrero has worked as a ceramic artist since 1972 with studies in the University of Regina and Banff Schools of Fine Arts. His one-of-a-kind pieces incorporates slip cast objects, hand built additions, grout, ceramic shards, and commercial tiles in order to create framed wall pieces or self standing sculptures. His production work consists of a line of highly decorated hand built plates, platters , bowls and vases made out of stoneware and porcelain. The creation of altered forms, wood fired or salt fired, is also a focus. Charley has had many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad. He has been President of the Canadian Craft Council and Chairperson of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. He has served on the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Canadian Craft Federation. He lives in Meacham, Saskatchewan where he has his studio.

STATEMENT: “My work is my statement


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Some Folks - M. Craig Campbell

M. Craig Campbell


M. Craig Campbell is the blacksmith sculptor for Somewhere Sask.

Here is what Campbell’s wife said to him one day:

“You create because you have to create. You like the feel of metal, you like the potential in metal. You like simplicity in your designs because the metal itself has something to say. You like the noise, the smells, the fire, and the weight of what you do. You like to open the doors and let people wander in. You like to talk about what you do. You never tire of telling people about the material, techniques, joinery and finishes. You like to teach. You want to learn.”


Blacksmithing is his third career: heavy equipment operator, office work and now, artistic blacksmithing. He took up the hammer twenty years ago as an escape from the chains of deskwork and it slowly overtook all else. He enjoys the challenge of one-of-a-kind pieces and sometimes exploring a theme via a sculpture series. The most fascinating aspects of blacksmithing are the warm and wonderful people he meets and the endless learning potential. Blacksmiths worldwide are a friendly lot and his craft has led him around North America and across oceans to visit, work with and learn from others.

Artistic blacksmithing is a recent art form. Traditional blacksmithing and the blacksmith himself were dying a slow death through the mid 20th Century. In the 1970s a few in the United States sought to preserve and rebirth the craft as an art form. This movement has spread across the globe. With the support of historic museums, arts organizations and dedicated blacksmiths everywhere, this most ancient of crafts has finally arrived.

The future, his and that of the artist blacksmith, looks very bright indeed.


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Some Folks - Evgenia Mikaylova

Evgenia Mikhaylova


Evgenia Mikhaylova was born in Chuvashian Republic, Russia, in the mid-eighties and discovered her passion for art and theater young. By the time she was 11, she was already attending art school. When time came to attend an art college, she moved to Prague, Czech Republic. In Prague, Evgenia worked with various Czech and international theater groups. She moved to Canada in 2006 and since then has worked on many productions as costume designer at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon. Productions include; Waiting for Godot, Skull in Canemara, Walnut Tree and Bannock Republic. Evgenia holds a full-time position as Production Designer at a local bi-weekly arts and culture alt magazine Planet S. As a visual artist, Evgenia continues to produce and exhibit her work at local galleries.


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Some Folks - Bevin Bradley

Bevin Bradley


Bevin Bradley is co-owner of The Stall Gallery and currently divides her time between the gallery and her own art practice. She obtained a BFA, with Distinction, from the U of S in 2001 and has been working as an artist ever since. Bevin has over seven years of experience working with you the on public art projects with SCYAP and within the school system. She paints the geometric shapes found in urban settings, focusing on the  layers of the ever changing urban setting. These layers of shapes represent the containment and solitude of the buildings that make up a vibrant and bustling urban setting.


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